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Baqua Spa Sanitizer

Baqua Spa Sanitizer with Stain & Scale Control

The principal chemical in the Baqua Spa Water Care System. A bromine-free, chlorine-free liquid sanitizer that provides effective control of bacteria and protects against staining and discoloration due to metals. It stores indefinitely, is highly stable in elevated temperatures, and lasts longer than bromine- or chlorine-based sanitizers.

Note: Should NOT be used with any other product line.

With the chlorine-free, bromine-free Baqua Spa System you can take care of your hot tub in three easy steps:

Step 1 :
Prevent waterline deposits with Baqua Spa Waterline Control

Step 2 :
Keep water sparkling clear with Baqua Spa Oxidizer

Step 3 :
Keep water Bacteria and Algae Free with Baqua Spa Sanitizer with Stain & Scale Control.


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