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Spa Chemicals for Bacteria Free Spa

What is a Spa?

Spa is a term associated with water treatment that is given to people for relaxation purpose or to cure any kind of health problem they might be facing. In prehistoric times, this therapy was given to people with a view that the mineral water used in Spa has curative properties. Now-a-days, there are numerous Spa resorts and Spa parlors that offer their customers various types of Spa treatments beneficial for their health. Although, it can be an expensive procedure for some, the after effects of a Spa might change their mind to spend some more on it.

Spa Chemicals for a Healthy Spa Experience

What are Spa Chemicals?

Chemicals which are used for cleansing and maintenance of a Spa are known as Spa chemicals. These are primarily used to sanitize water to provide a rejuvenating and a sparkling effect while taking a Spa. Amongst many, the ones used commonly are Biguanide-based spa sanitizers, Spa sanitizer for ozone-equipped spas, All-purpose cleaners, Fast-acting clarifiers, Natural enzyme cleaners, and Metal remover chemicals, etc.

The above mentioned Spa chemicals are differentiated on the basis of their cleansing and sanitizing properties. If some offer a long lasting sanitizing effect, then there are others that are used for cleaning them after they are drained. The Biguanide-based spa sanitizer however, is used because it is a better option than chlorine or bromine sanitizers. Amongst all these, Fast acting clarifiers are used in the hot water tubs. The function of this category of Spa chemicals is to remove dirt, oil and other harmful organics that gets accumulated in the hot water tub.

One should use Spa chemicals for bacteria free and a relaxing Spa experience. One can also go for bio-degradable Spa chemicals that are environment friendly and makes the cleaning process of a Spa much easy.

Swimming Pool Chemicals

Having a swimming in house premises or a hotel can be easy, but maintaining it is a much more difficult task. However, if a swimming pool is not cleaned timely, it can be a home for algae and bacteria. Therefore, it is very important to keep it clean and shining. How can this be done? Confused? Don't be. Use swimming pool chemicals that can help one get rid of this problem.

Pool filters might clean the water, but sanitizing it completely is vital. Periodical use of swimming pool chemicals like chlorine can prevent eye irritation and safeguard other parts of a swimming pool. Some of the important points that should be taken care of while sanitizing a swimming pool are addition of chlorine, checking the calcium hardness of water, adding clarifiers, maintaining the Ph balance and alkalinity of the swimming pool water, etc.