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Learning More About Baqua Spa

We have all heard of that dreaded brain-eating amoeba that lurks in the most placid of fresh water lakes. Just one quick dip and hours later your are being rushed off to the hospital for a sudden illness. A subsequent investigation from the local health department determines that you caught a bug when you swam in the water. These stories have become something of an urban legend. But they are well grounded in truth because organisms in the water can make you very ill if they get into your body. Such is the case with a home spa. Essentially, a spa is used bath water that is kept at an ideal temperature for all kinds of microbial flora and fauna. If the water isn't properly treated then there is the potential that it could make you very sick.

The solution is Baqua Spa. What is Baqua Spa? It is a water treatment system that takes provides bacterial protection and sanitation for your spa. Baqua spa products contain active anti-microbial components that kill the little critters in your water and prevent them from growing.

Baqua Spa has:

* no bromine or chlorine
* no harsh chemicals
* no chemical odor

Baqua Spa won't:

* make your eyes burn
* change hair color
* dry out your skin and hair
* make you skin itchy

To many, a home spa is a thing of luxury that only a few fortunate households can afford. That perception is changing as spas have become more affordable over the years. Many people are now realizing that soaking in a spa is a form of therapy that is cost effective. Soaking in relaxing waters helps to alleviate stress and ease body pains. So more spas are being installed then ever before. Many first time spa owners are now looking for the most effective way to keep their water sanitized without putting their health at risk with exposure to harmful chemicals.

The Baqua Spa Water Care System can meet these needs and make water treatment an easy chore. With streamlined steps and instructions, the time spent testing and preparing your spa water is less than before. The Baqua Spa Sanitizer is effective and gentle. It treats the water without staining or bleaching the surface of the spa. A common complaint among spa owners is the unsightly waterline. The Baqua Spa Waterline Control does a great job in preventing scale buildup that deposits on the spa shell. If you follow the appropriate timeline then you won't need to test the water daily. With Baqua you only need to do this once a week.

The water strips provide easy testing and can quickly determine your next treatment whether it is for sanitation, pH level or a good old-fashioned shock. You don't have to be a laboratory chemist in order to enjoy your spa. Tedious water balancing and testing are all a thing of the past.

Of course, the most important concern here is the bacteria levels found in the water. With a system like Baqua, you get consistent care and protection that doesn't require your daily attention. One application provides protection against bacteria for as long as 10-14 days. Now, instead of reaching for the testing kit, you can reach for the spa cover and jump in and enjoy your spa. Everyone could use a little extra time in their daily routine and Baqua Spa supplies it.

A dirty spa is not very enjoyable and a bad smell is a sure sign that you have a bacteria problem. With Baqua Spa you will keep your spa water clear and fresh while keeping the bacteria at bay. It also keeps your spa water algae-free thanks to Baqua Spa Oxidizer. It comes in liquid form and contains stabilized hydrogen peroxide. The sanitizer also comes with a stain and scale control agent that can prevent mineral buildup in the internals of your spa. It also offers added protection for your spa shell from discoloration and fading. Your spa moments should be relaxing and soothing, just as you envisioned them to be. The right water treatment can help you achieve that.

We all want to relax in water that is free from chemicals and pollutants that do harm to our bodies. But we also don't want to get sick from microbes. Relaxation without having to worry if our health will be adversely affected isn't too much to ask for. Choosing the right product is all that it takes.

You owe it to yourself and your family to find out what is safe and effective. Talk to your spa dealer about the most effective water treatment program and chances are that he will recommend the Baqua Spa chemicals. You can always call the company directly to get answers to any questions that you might have. Enjoying your spa has never been easier and protecting your family's health has never been easier too.



Are you allergic to chlorine? Do you hate the “itch” you get when you sit in someone else’s hot tub? We all know that a poorly maintained spa is a cesspool of bacterial growth. There is a condition known as “spa lung” or “hot tub lung”… not joking here this has been studied and verified by the Mayo Clinic.

The study found that hypersensitivity pneumonitis, or "hot tub lung" as it is generally called, results from an adverse reaction to an organism known as mycobacterium avium complex and could be fatal if unrecognized or left untreated. No deaths have been attributed to it so far, said Sanjay Kalra, M.D., contributing researcher and consultant at the Mayo Clinic Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care and Internal Medicine.

Contracted through inhalation, symptoms of hot tub long include shortness of breath and cough. Fever, sweats, body ache and a sense of malaise may also occur, said Kalra.

Maintaining Your Home Spa or Hot Tub to Prevent Disease
It’s critical that you keep your water chemistry in a continual state that prevents bacterial build up. You probably already know this… it only makes sense.

But did you know that you can do this without Bromine or Chlorine the two most common types of water treatments in use for spas? And yes it’s a great idea to have a ozonator as long as your spa is outside where there is proper ventilation. Ozone is not something you want building up inside your home as it is damaging to your lungs.

Ozone disinfects better against bacteria and viruses than chlorination. Ozone also reduces the concentration of iron, sulfur, and manganese in water. It works by oxidizing the metals so they form particulate matter that can then be filtered. I’m sure it’s more complicated than just that but I’ll leave the science of the process to the scientists.

But the real solution is a product called BAQUA SPA which is so easy to remember it’s just B + AUQA. Now I’m not just spouting off about something I know little about; I’ve experienced it first hand. I was introduced to BAQUA brand spa treatment chemicals by a local Arctic Spa Dealer. At first it just seemed like another sales pitch. So I kind of nodded and did the usual that all of us do when a salesperson is letting go at the mouth with their promises of enlightenment in the name of commission. You know what I mean right?

But when I got home I did a little investigating. I searched for BAQUA… you don’t have to search you can just visit directly at: BAQUA SPA CHEMICALS

You are probably thinking like I did… okay so what’s in the stuff that is so great that I can use it and not need chlorine or bromine? And I don’t know. I read their entire FAQ page and did some additional research and all I could figure is they use the same type of antimicrobial chemicals that they use in contact lenses. Are they safe? I don’t know that either, but they are probably safe if they can use them in contact lenses. At least it would stand to reason right? And we know that Bromine and Chlorine have their own inherent risks. I also know that I love a nice relaxing dip in the tub so I’m in.

How I Felt After Using BAQUA SPA Chemicals
You shouldn’t believe what I am about to say – you should go experience it for yourself. I went back to my local Arctic Spa dealer for a “Wet Test”. I sat in the tub for about half an hour. When I got out NO ITCH! Amazingly pleasant! I can tolerate chlorine, but I also feel it… it’s not comfortable for me as I am a bit sensitive to chlorine and it makes me itch. BAQUA had no uncomfortable sensations at all.

Bottom line is this appears to be a really good solution for people with chemical sensitivities to Bromine and/or Chlorine. And for every positive there are of course going to be negatives… here is a thread of people who have not had good experiences with BAQUA SPA. In my opinion it is extremely important to have your spa in a well ventilated area. Over and over people complain about products – any products – not working properly… but when the truth is uncovered it is because they are not properly following manufacturer directions. You may also want to investigate natural enzyme treatments and eliminate chemicals all together. Companies like WaterTonic are making these “chemical free” products. Somehow, someway you have to keep viruses and bacteria in check. I guess you could also install a whirlpool tub and just drain the water every time you use it?